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Blaize, formerly Thinci, is an AI computing platforms company that develops products for the automotive, smart vision, and enterprise computing markets.

Piece Makers (Taiwan)

DRAM Manufacturer


Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (XMC) was founded in 2006 and began mass production in 2008. The company offers comprehensive 300mm foundry service to worldwide customers on proven technologies, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of Flash and specialty process technologies.

Ionics EMS, INC.

Ionics Inc is a leading technology group of companies engaged in product design cum electronics manufacturing, precision-engineered plastic injection molding, core-technology venture capital investment, property holdings and management.


LED and Lighting Manufacturer


CORMANI is a high performance computing (HPC) company that increases compute performance significantly, made possible by the development of its breakthrough and patented multi-core technology that efficiently uses heterogeneous cores in a highly concurrent, parallel manner.


Tekmos provides companies the best solutions for bridging the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product with the lowest development cost.


Exascend is a leader in industrial and enterprise data storage, specializing in fully customizable SSD.

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